Vincze Lilla and The Napoleon Boulevard


Napoleon Boulevard celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2010 in the Syma Event Centre, and last year they turned 30 years old. Meanwhile their renewed CD entitled Best of Napoleon Boulevard appeared, as well as a new album, entitled Világfalu (Global Village).

The singer of the band, Lilla Vincze declared about themselves and their last performances: “We try to renew and appear up-to-date on the colourful palette of Hungarian pop-rock music, where the musical worlds of several generations meet.”

They will perform their best known and most beloved and successful songs, but they will also try to favour their audience with a few of their newer pieces. Here are just a few of the typical, Napoleon Boulevard style melodies from their repertoire: Európa visszavár (Europe Awaits Us Back); Szállj velem (Fly With Me); Júlia (Julia); Mylord; Bicikli (Bicycle); Uram, segíts (Lord, Help Me); Fogd meg a kezem (Take Me by the Hand); Ugye eljönnek ma a repülők (The Planes Will Come Today), Legyetek jók, ha tudtok (Be Good, If You Can).

Present members of the band: Lilla Vincze (singing), Tamás Pócs (bass guitar), Gábor Gilián (percussion), Zsolt Nagy (keyboard instruments), Ádám Tasi (flute), Zsolt Vámos (guitar).

Let us tune to their concert by listening to the following pieces: Júlia nem akar a földön járni (Julia Does Not Want to Walk on the Ground), Szállj velem (Fly with Me), MylordFogd meg a kezem (Take Me by the Hand), Titkok kertje (Garden of Secrets).

Kérlek, ne félj! (Don’t Be Afraid, Please!) ‒ The winner song of the 1986 Interpop Festival